Services Offered

We handle a variety of bulk merchandise, including salt, aggregates, forest products (lumber, wood pulp, paper rolls), and fertilizers (ammonium nitrate).
At our port facilities, we are responsible for  waterside bulk storage. Each year, we receive over one million tonnes of salt from self-unloaders. We provide stockpiling, storage, and truck loading services for the three major salt companies serving eastern Canada.
Our inland terminals are focused on rail and truck trans-loading and cross-docking. The Ottawa facility is served by CN Rail and primarily handles salt, forest products, and general cargo. In North Gower, we distribute salt for road de-icing and black earth for landscaping, and handle various other bulk commodities.
We are also equipped to transport cargo directly to and from its destination with our fleet of trucks, and provide inventory control, scaling, and warehousing as required.
Please contact us to learn more about how we can meet your transportation and logistics needs. 

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